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St John's, Kapunda - EVP

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We will cover the subject more in depth in another area of this website as this page is more about the presentation of examples caught at the Gaol. It should be noted that E.V.P. is still very much a controversial form of 'evidence'. We are only presenting E.V.P. samples here that are obviously not noise artefacts but indeed appear to be voices. The other controversy is that they are hard to understand until you are told what to hear. This is indeed true. We will cover in the other area of this website the theories behind this, but for now we will just present what we have and let you make up your own minds.

We are going to present the audio twice. In the first section, we will not tell you what it is saying, so you can listen without prejudice. You can then click on 'answers' to go to the next page to find them presented once again with our own interpretations. Remember.... this is just our own views.

APOLOGIES: For the fact that when you came into the page they all played at once. Unfortunately with this particular software they do not make allowance for playing one at a time but they automatically start on entry. Once this happens though you can then go back and play them individually.


This EVP was captured as Amy and Alison were sitting in the car having just pulled in to where the reformatory once stood. Feeling uneasy and seeing a shadow of a man pass through the headlights, Alison asked Amy to listen back to her audio that was running at the time. You can hear us talking and me laughing but a third voice appears to talk over us, remembering there were only two females in the car at the time. It was captured on analogue cassette recorder so quality is less.


Two weeks later Brett took up a friend who was also female. He asked her to sit outside the car on her own as 'bait'. She positioned herself close to where Alison and Amy were parked and settled herself. You can hear her putting down the tape recorder and then appears to get an whispered EVP.

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