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The Tea Tree Gully Pub 2011
Photo (c) Alison Oborn - Paranormal Field Investigators


We arrived early and had tea at the Hotel before interviewing some of the staff and finding out their personal experiences. Most of the ghost stories centred on the old part of the Hotel. It was told that some people have worked for only a day therel, and then refused to return again.

Cara -
4-5 years earlier when duty manager, Cara had been locking up a door by the offices when she heard her name being called. The voice was of an older woman and she thought it was one of her gaming staff. Looking around Cara couldn't find her but eventually found her upstairs. The staff member denied having spoken Cara's name. Cara told of how the machines/electricals turn on and off by themselves and bangings are often heard. She also described feeling extremely uncomfortable when locking up at night, especially in the area from the loading dock to the kitchen. Once you get to the door that locks the whole area away she feels safe and fine once more. She gave the ghost the name of Annie. Cara doesn't feel it is a bad ghost. She said she goes down and smells the odour of fairy floss which was really nice but freaked her out as that area is the grease trap and usually smells terrible.

A clip was needed to hold the blind in the outdoor area so Karen volunteered to run down and get it. She told of how she reached the same area that Cara mentioned and suddenly felt like she couldn't enter the area. She described it as feeling weird. She also spoke of glasses falling off the bar that had previously been sitting in the middle of the bar and she knew they had been put safely in the middle. Both Cara and Karen confirm it is always that area downstairs that is uncomfortable and usually at lock up times around 9.00 pm+

Again complained of the downstairs area feeling uncomfortable and very cold. He told of how he gets voices on his two-way and how all the big TV screens in the outdoor area will turn on by themselves at the same time. Apparently this is impossible as the TV's have to be turned on individually as there is no one switch. When going downstairs the generator will always kick in as soon as he opens the door. It doesn't do it during the day apparently.

Went into the small hallway where the lady was rumoured to have hanged herself to see if he could stir her up. He has nicknamed her Rachel after Jessie the cleaner had claimed to have spoken to a Rachel in the toilets. He was telling Rachel to come out when suddenly he could hear what sounded like paper rubbing together or feet scraping on ground, which was getting closer and closer. Then, he said what creeped him out the most was that he felt somebody's hands grab him on the shoulder. At this stage he rushed out. He was recording on the phone at the time but when he checked the recording it goes from him going in and from when he comes back out but nothing in-between. He said it felt freezing and the hair went up on the back of his neck.

Unsure of Name
This person was cleaning the gaming room. He was there by himself at the time in the area and was vacuuming. He said he smelled something in the area he had just vacuumed. He said it was like a blossom flower. He checked with the other lady when she came back but she said she wasn't wearing perfume. The next week it was in exactly the same spot but could be smelled nowhere else in the Hotel. He says he comes down at around 2.00 a.m. to the big tree in the staff car park and often hears what sounds like a happy laugh from under the walkway bridge.

Andy and Hayden told of how they heard a girl screaming one night. They looked for her but couldn't find anything. They said that night there was six of them.

The cleaner who turned up later in the night told of how he was cleaning in the toilets when he saw a girl lying on the floor. He told her she must leave now but she replied that she lived there and that she wanted to be left alone. He described her as wearing a white dress but not modern style.

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