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Hotel Investigation

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Moon phase - Waxing Gibbous
Temperature - 18.7 C
Weather conditions - Dry and clear
Earthquake at approx. 2.20 a.m.

Alison Oborn
Anna Bird
Ashley Hall
Spilios Zogopoulos
Cara (guest and Manager of the Hotel)

Once we had interviewed the staff who worked at the Hotel, we then did a sweep of the lower floor to get base readings. This was the original part of the Hotel and was once the living quarters of the landlords and workers there. It was also where people claimed to feel the most uncomfortable. With the sweep, it was found that the EMF was incredibly high, especially at the far end of this area where the barrels and pumps were. All the KII's registered well over 3-5 milligausse. The EPA states that anything over 3 is seen as unhealthy. The cell sensor was also registering very high readings. This coincidentally was the area that people had been feeling the most uncomfortable. During our time in this area we were all starting to feel the effects of high EMF. With the amount of pumps and generators it could also be feasible that there would be a measure of infrasound. The mel-meter registered nothing. We stayed as one complete team for the whole night.

After waiting and adjusting to the sounds of the area for a while, it was decided to commence an EVP session.
As the session began Ash mentioned that he just saw the mel-meter spike for first time that night, but only to 0.6. At the same time, Anna casually mentioned that there was somebody in the toilet as she could hear the water running and then we all heard a squeaking as if of a door. We didn't think anything of it and at this stage it was merely a spoken observation, that is until Cara said the area was locked off and nobody should be in there.

The following is quick notes of times and incidents. They are logged here but many could have a natural explanation. Due to conditions down in this area it would be hard to ascertain whether what we were hearing was unusual or not. The following are simply observations nothing more.

11.53 - we started the EVP experiment. Temperature of the room was 21.9 Celsius.
11.56 - Anna asked whoever it is that was there if they were the one that hugged Hayden the security guard. 4 of the team heard a man's voice from behind in the barrel room. They could not ascertain what was said but all four said it was a male voice and maybe one word. Alison did not hear it.
12.00 - the camera picked up the first of several flashes from the adjacent room. It should be noted that the camera had been running a full 30 mins at this stage and no prior flashes had been observed.
12.06 Spils asks for it to come closer to the KII's to make them light up… they noticeably glow brighter on the camera. This was followed by a squeaking noise we hadn't heard before. The Mel-meter also registered.
12.08 - Spils asked if whoever it is likes Haydon. This was followed by a dull thud.
12.09 - another flash of light is seen by Spils and Ash. However, Ash was blocking the view of the camera this time round. It was described as a camera flash but not as bright.
12.12 - Another squeaky/cough is heard from barrel room. Alison went in to look.
12.13 - A squeak was heard and again 30secs later, as Alison was about to enter the barrel room.
12.18 - Another possible flash on the door was seen by us all. This time it was on the inside of door the frame.
12.32 - Anna exclaimed she saw the flash again. This time at a different point as camera 1 inside the room did not pick it up. Anna proceeded to sit in the location where it was seen but did not catch any further flashes whilst sitting there.
12.38 - the team took a break and left the camera running.
12.50 - A door bangs from around the video camera end of the hallway and near the back entrance. However, nobody appears. It was unlikely to be cleaning staff as we had seen him arrive later but was definitely not the team.
1.00 - The team re-entered the area.
1.15 - The team moved into the office area and proceeded to conduct a ghost box experiment.
Spils "are you there Rachel?" Answer "Yes"
Spils "Can you see us? Answer "Yes"
Other possible hits were Cara and Alison's names.
Spils "Can you say Cara again please" … Ash at this point says he witnessed a very strange shadow on the wall. On checking outside there was no sign of anybody who could have cast this shadow.
1.45 Spils leaves
1.55 Printer goes off - but this could be a natural occurrence.
2.00 It was decided to end the investigation


The high EMF readings and constant hum of the pumps and generators made working in this location very difficult, especially when it came to trying to ascertain the true source of any audio captured. High EMF and possible associated infrasound could also have attributed to some of the feelings of uneasiness when people are in that general area. Many of the team that night were feeling the effects of this with headaches and uneasiness felt by several of the team members.

The cough like noise heard from the barrel room upon listening back to the audio could be of a mechanical nature but again it is hard to tell due to the amount of background contamination.

The flashes of light seen in the hallway were unusual as they appeared to be in different spots when the camera saw them. They also were not present for the first 30 mins of recording. They did appear to be like camera flashes, except smaller. At this point in time, there were no still cameras in use and all members were accounted for. However, it is still feasible it is natural as it was regular, but to date we have not tracked down it's source.

On listening back, at the time of writing this report, we may have caught two evp's, one of which appears to be telling us to leave. This was caught whilst interviewing the staff and listening to their stories and then one caught on Video Camera 1 after the team had left the room. With the second one we are sure that there was no team member in the room that it was caught in but with the second, we can't be sure it wasn't one of the people present as there was no video camera running, just audio.

It should be noted that the Ghost Box was for curiosity only and certainly cannot be taken as credible evidence due to the nature of the way it works. The Ghost Box is merely being trialled as an experiment in itself NOT as a research tool for the investigations.

The printer coming on, as we found out later, is a natural occurrence for these devices as we also have one at the Gaol. The lady who works in the office there stated that it often does this, so can be discounted as paranormal.

Although most things that we experienced this night could have a natural explanation this does not mean that the Hotel is not 'haunted'. We were only there for around 4 hrs. which is a very short period of time. Often in the world of paranormal, places can be quiet for weeks or months before activity is felt. The conditions for the investigation were hampered by the amount of noise contamination. The stories that go back many years and are told by many different people would suggest that there may be something unusual happening in the Hotel, whether natural or unatural. We could well just have hit a quiet night and further research into this Hotel would be needed.

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