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Ghosts of the Past - Adelaide Gaol by Alison Oborn

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One Paranormal Team's Experiences in the Adelaide Gaol


Alison Oborn

Alison Oborn - Ghosts of the Past, Paranormal Field Investigators
Ghosts of the Past, the adelaide gaol by Alison Oborn

Alison Oborn is an Adelaide Hills based researcher that has been looking into paranormal activity for over 20 years. In 2002 Alison helped to form her own team, Paranormal Field Investigators, a small but dedicated research team designed to look into the subject of the paranormal in a rational and technical manner.

In 2002 P.F.I. were lucky enough to be invited into the Adelaide Gaol to see if rumours of hauntings there could be verified. She quickly became a volunteer tour guide at the Adelaide Gaol, which has long been associated with anecdotal accounts of unexplained events. She is still there over 8 years later!

In late 2010, Alison released this book recounting her team members and her own experiences in the Adelaide Gaol both as a tour guides and as objective researchers. Alison is a serious researcher who will always try to seek explanations for the phenomena she encounters with common sense and scientific methodology. As the book highlights, though, there have been many occurences which defy simple explanation.

Ghosts of the Past was not intended to be a methodical 'how to' book, instead it hopefully takes the reader on an adventure of discovery. It is about storytelling... although all the stories that are told are true and were very real to the people experiencing them at the time. At the end of the day the author allows the reader to make of these stories what they will.


"All done, finished the book last night, now what am I going to do! Fantastic reading Alison, you have captured the Old Girl in all her Glory. A must read for anyone interested in the history & or paranormal." Linley Twinning, Adelaide

"What I personally liked about the book is that although it does chronicle the teams time at the Gaol it is not done so in a... too in-depth 'documentary' stagnant way but is more light hearted and reads kind of like an adventure book. The chapters are short so it's easy to blast through one on the bus or when you have some spare time but I'm betting you will sit through and read it from one cover to the other.
Good job alison!"
- Ashley Hall, South Australia

"Australia has such a young history in comparison with other countries, so what we have, we should try our best to keep and hold onto. One woman and her team have been doing exactly that, and i was to realise this when i found myself picking up a book titled 'Ghosts Of The Past' by Alison Oborn.
From the very first few pages in 'Ghosts Of The Past' the author had my attention. Alison attempts to, and very much succeeds in, taking you on a journey of the Adelaide Gaol. Her (the Gaol) history and what lies within her walls. You are not presented just with an entertaining story, but of real accounts that have been documented over years of research within the Adelaide Gaol. You'll even find she seems to have a personality of her own.

You will not want to put this book down and by the end of it you will have a new and revived appreciation of our own, Adelaid Gaol." - Leanne, Mt Barker



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