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By Alison Oborn

'Haa… and I thought being interviewed was terrifying!' I contemplated this as I set up the small Sony Hi8 camera.

Yes it was my turn to be interviewer as opposed to interviewee… that was the deal… fair was fair!! But now as I set up the camera whilst Keith, Sandra and Carl Johnson positioned themselves in my cramped hotel room, I was starting to get nervous. 'What if they thought the questions were stupid, what if I mucked up in front of these people who were experts at doing this'. All the different fears were running rapidly through my brain… nothing like playing interviewer for the first time!!

There were hurdles to overcome too of course, and we all helped to discover how best we could work this considering we only had 2 chairs between 4 people. We determined that's what bedside cupboards were for and beds themselves!! Now at this point you did note the word CASUAL interview.. not PROFESSIONAL?

So once comfortable, and with my little piece of paper of questions trembling in my hands, we started the interview.

So why interview at all? Well, in Australia Demonology is not a popular or well understood subject. I was guilty myself from shrinking away from the term in the early days, mainly out of not understanding and educating myself on the subject in general.. after all, I have also watched Supernatural!!. For this reason I thought I would give 3 people who have been in this field for MANY years and specialise in such cases, the opportunity to explain the concepts behind Demonology and what drew them into studying this field. Keith's views may differ on the origins of the subject from Carls, but they do both agree on how they believe it manifests itself.

Whatever your views are, I hope you find this interview both interesting as well as thought provoking.

I would also like to thank Keith, Sandra and Carl for agreeing to spare me some of their time and patience to be able to bring this to you.

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