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Having spent a couple of hours at Redruth Gaol it was decided to move on to another area and we chose the Dugouts as our next stop. Although we had not heard any ghost stories related to these dugouts, the history of 153 people dying in one year alone, not to mention any other deaths, made it a possible candidate for activity. We split once more into two teams so that we could cover the two remaining dugouts. Fortunately the dugouts were far enough apart that there was no interference with the other team.

Alison and Spils monitored their chosen dugout for a while but nothing appeared to be happening, so they continued with the Ghost Box experiment. About a minute into switching it on a man's voice appeared to say "Hello?" before an electronic child's voice said "Help... please" Again it is only noted here as a curiosity nothing more as, at this stage, we would be very skeptical of it having been anything more than radio snippets... although the electronic sounding voice did appear unusual.

As this seemed to be the only result, minutes later Spils turned off the box and continued monitoring. It was then that Spils started to ask if anything was there and if so would it let us know by dropping the temperature on the mel-meter. Almost immediately the temperature started to drop and dropped over a degree before rapidly rising again after the questioning stopped. He did ask for it to repeat this there was no further temperature change so can't be sure it wasn't just a natural temperature variation and possible coincidence in line with the question.

The team in the other dugout was experiencing very little too. After the usual investigation techniques, they with and ran the Ghost Box and which appeared to get responses. At some point in the future we will perhaps put them up as curiosities when we write our final report on how we find this device overall. Please remember though that these are not being put forward as evidence. We are merely researching the ghost box... NOT researching with the ghost box.

The dugouts overall appeared quiet, but we only in reality spent an hour or so there before moving on to another location due to time constraints. On our subsequent return visits to Burra, we have not as yet returned to the dugouts. This will however be changed on our next visit to the township.

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