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On 10th January 2012, P.F.I. returned for one of their regular investigations in Burra. On this occasion we chose to cover the Morphett Engine house as in the 2-3 years of being up there, we had never monitored this building before.

It was a full moon, and although a summer evening, it was still very cold. After doing a walk round we settled on the ground floor to monitor. Alison went up to the second floor so that any sounds from above could be narrowed down to which section of the building it was coming from. There were strange noises but these were tracked down to nesting pigeons and the knocks could well have been the building settling after a warm day and then going in suddenly to such a cold night. After monitoring for a couple of hours and having nothing unexplainable happen, it was decided to move onto another location in Burra. At this stage we would say it was a quiet night there but we do still have to go through our audio and video. If anything is found on this or future investigations we will update this page. Investigations will be ongoing at this site and others around Burra.

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