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Ghosts of St John's, Kapunda

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After watching the documentary "The Most Haunted Town in Australia", it was decided to go up and see for ourselves whether this was just all rumour encouraged by media or whether there had been any truth to it at all.

Soon after the documentary, we met with a gentleman named Kevin McNeil. It was Kevin's in depth research that the documentary had been based on. However, the documentary, although factual also exaggerated and used a lot of inaccuracies to make it more viewable as a prime time show. The true history behind the story has been twisted since then by individuals who find fiction more exciting then reality without seeing what damage this leads to.

Over the years we have done numerous investigations, most of them quiet but a handful that did produce some curious happenings. Some will be listed here over time, but for now we will take one investigation in particular and use it as an example of what we experienced up in this location.


It was early in 2008 that we went up to St John's and arrived there before the sun went down, as two of our newer members had never seen this site. St John's is out in the middle of nowhere…literally. As the old Alien movie says, 'Out there, there's nobody to hear you scream!' For this reason we just wanted to familiarise the new members before we lost the light. It was a new moon that night and it rapidly followed the sun down over the horizon, leaving us in total darkness.

We broke into 3 teams of 2 for the first shift. But this was very quiet with nothing unusual happening. There were some noises, but we tracked these down to natural sources.

One curious happening was that Brett's phone, which was fairly new, suddenly displayed the numbers and time back to front when he first entered the cemetery. It should be noted that it had not had a problem previously and has not been a problem since.

We also had our TriField Meter sitting on one of the headstones. At one point in the night it started to activate and give off abnormal readings.

The second shift, left half the team down in the cemetery whilst Alison and Amy drove up the hill to where the reformatory had once stood. this is when the atmosphere seemed to take a change. The following is Alison's description of the experience.

"No sooner had we driven around the corner, Megan contacted us on the two-way to ask if we had shouted. "Erm we are driving… and the windows are shut, so no not us" I replied. From the corner of the cemetery where we had driven, Megan described hearing loud female voices. It continued with them hearing childrens voices on and off after that. Meanwhile we pulled up at our spot and suddenly froze. I have spent many years investigating, and am used to wandering in the dark or sitting on my own in darkened places, and it doesn't really faze me. However, for some reason this area now felt very different from the other times we had been there. My heart was suddenly racing and I felt like I could hardly breathe. I am not gifted with clairvoyance, and I like to keep things on a more technical level, but this time, all I can say is it felt like I had somebody standing close to my window and whoever it was wasn't happy. It was so strong, that I felt that I didn't want to turn and look at my drivers door window, or over my shoulder. I turned to Amy only to find that she looked uncomfortable too. Upon enquiring what was wrong, she confirmed that she was feeling exactly the same and couldn't look behind her or at my side window. As we were discussing this, I watched what looked like a shadow of a man cross through the beam of my headlights, in front of the car before hearing a small bang on the boot. After taking a deep breath we both got out of the car and walked to the gate, after all that is what we were there for. It was then we heard footsteps of something large coming towards us through the undergrowth. 'It's just the wind", I told myself, and repeated this several times in my head whilst at the same time noting how there wasn't any movement in the trees. The footsteps got so close we almost expected to see a man walk out of the trees towards us. The feeling that accompanied it was very uncomfortable. We decided to call in the rest of the team and concentrate our efforts up there. But by the time they arrived, the atomosphere had gone back to being fairly pleasant. We spent another 20 minutes there, and decided to call it a night."

Why would Amy and Alison be affected up there, when the first team Megan and Brett had felt comfortable earlier. Was it because we had no male team member with us? If Father Martin exists could he have been attracted to the car because we were females? Or was it all just our active imaginations. Sadly, I wasn't filming when the shadow crossed in front of the car, however, we had audio running all night and we did appear to capture an EVP on tape which can be found in the EVP section.

We will be adding more investigation experiences to this page so feel free to visit us again.

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