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Adelaide Gaol Misty Forms

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In April 2005, on one of the Ghost Tours he was conducting, Jeff Fausch took a series of 3 photographs. One of the ladies on the tour described hearing footsteps close by, so Jeff told her he would take some photographs and see if anything showed up. Being a seasoned investigator, Jeff knew to hold his breathe and hold the camera out at full arms length when taking these shots. It should also be noted that no members of P.F.I. are smokers. The evening was dry with no precipitation.

Photo #1 - Photo Copyright Jeff Fausch

With photo #1 a mist appeared in the shot which seemed to show a strong impression of a male figure. In the background appears a second image that some see as being a female.

Photo #2 - Photo Copyright Jeff Fausch

In Photo #2, the figure seems to be breaking up although certain aspects of it are still discernable such as the chin area. The 2nd image is also dissolving though again the patterns are still visible. Having experimented many times with breathe shots this in itself is quite unusual as breathe vapour changes shape rapidly in a series of photos. This still holds certain parts of the original image.

Photo #3

In Photo #3 the images are almost gone and the photos that follow after are completely free of the mist.


Although we cannot state conclusively that these photos are evidence of something paranormal, we do find them interesting due to the length of time that the image was visible during this series of shots and by the way it held certain patterns. Having done many experiments with breathe, we have seen that vapour from breathe will shift and change rapidly. When using the flash on this particular camera (Kodak DX4900), it takes on average up to 5 seconds to ready itself for the next photo. One would assume that this is a considerable amount of time for a pattern to linger in any form.

However, it will be left up to the individual to make up their own minds on this series of photographs.

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