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Adelaide Gaol Footprints

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"It was a dark and stormy night..."

Actually that is true, it was. Alison and Jeff had gone down to the Gaol to conduct a Ghost Tour, but that night a storm had whipped through and flooded parts of Adelaide and naturally, the tour didn't turn up on this occasion. So it was, they decided to call up other team members and do an impromptu investigation instead, to see if there was any truth in the rumours that thunder storms do increase possible paranormal activity.


Whilst standing in the Laneway discussing tactics, Megan witnessed a man walking into the tunnel. It should be remembered this is a long tunnel with no doors leading off and a solid gate at the far end, which we knew was still locked at the time. He was described as very solid and wearing a black beanie hat and short black duffel type coat.

Tunnel leading through to 'A' Wing

Thinking somebody had broken into the Gaol, and knowing they had him trapped in there, we all went over to talk to him. Unexpectedly, the Tunnel was empty. Did Megan imagine this person? Well... what was discovered, was that approximately half way down the tunnel there was a single wet footprint.... none leading up to nor any leading off.

Mysterious footprint on the left. Jeffs for comparison is on the Right

As can be seen in the photograph, it was a fairly large print and bigger then their only other male investigator there that night, Jeff. Jeff made a comparison print next to it but as can be seen, his print isn't as distinct, as predictably the action of walking up the tunnel had reduced the amount of moisture on his soles. This strange print, however was fresh enough to leave drip marks after the toe as if somebody had just stepped out of a puddle or extremely wet area. The shoe type is also different from Jeff's. This print shows a definite heel pattern, whereas Jeff's shoes were flat with no heel.


Later in the evening we entered the remand centre, to find yet more strange footprints close to the whipping rack area. As we wandered through we noticed what appeared to be several small, wet footprints on the cement. What was unusual about these prints were that they appeared to be small bare footprints.

Small bare footprint in the Remand Centre (bottom). Dog prints (above)

Alison did have her german shepherd in that night, and the dogs footprints can also be seen for a comparison in the top section of this photo. The bare footprint was smaller then Alison's (size 8) and probably 3x the size of her german shepherds. This would mean that they were from either a small female or a child, neither of which were in the Gaol that night.

Even more unusual.... was the fact that unlike the dogs footprints, which faded and dried very quickly, these footprints remained visible for 3 days before vanishing as suddenly as they had appeared. If they had been caused due to water, then these should have disappeared much quicker. Alternatively had they been due to staining in the cement, then surely they should be there to this day.

Unlike photographs of 'apparitions' etc, we realise that these aren't as exciting. However, they are probably more significant then these other photos due to the fact that they were real and easily witnessed, plus not forgetting the unusual circumstances that they appeared.

It should also be noted, that at a later date they entered the upstairs of the New Building to find these same bare footprints laid in the dust around the gallows. Here again, there were no footprints leading up to, they just seemed to mysteriously appear in the dirt. As the gate is locked at all times and no members of the public are allowed access up there, it just made it all the more intriguing.

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