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Paranormal Investigation of Studio 9

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In March 2004, the Mix 102.3 breakfast show ran a segment on ghosts. Employees from Channel 9, which is stationed across the road from Mix 102.3, rang the station with stories of their own and on how they believed the place to be haunted by a ghost they named Charlie. In particular the stories seemed to centre around Studio 9. Soon the small segment grew into a combined 'ghost hunt' between the two stations and a competition was set up where listeners could win a night spent in this studio. P.F.I. were also contacted and were asked if they would be happy to come in and investigate. We agreed, and the following is just a shortened report of the nights events.

Weather conditions: Clear mild night.

Investigators: Jeff Fausch, Alison Oborn, Patrick K., Bill Sheridan, Megan Pannell and Dominic McNamara.
Mix 102.3 FM Crew: Kym Dillon, Alison Carle, Chris Dzelede and Jill Harrington.
Sleepover Winners: Tanya Ewer, Greg Mahoney, Kelly Martin, Bill Fraser and Michelle Miers
Clairvoyant invited by Channel 9/Mix 102.3: Debra Roberts.

The night started socially, with everybody being introduced and sharing a pizza. We talked and showed footage from our previous investigations to warm the night up a little and everybody discussed ideas. The investigation began around 11.20 when the DJ's and guests settled down for the night on mattresses that had been brought in especially for the occasion. The lights were then turned out so we could work with our infra red equipment. Security cameras were set up to permanently monitor the people and the room whilst they slept.


The first unusual incident happened around 25 mins later. We all witnessed a single studio illumination light turn on and then off rapidly. This was viewed as unusual as there were four lights and a fluorescent tube all that were connected on the same wiring system to a singular switch. This switch was situated across from where one of our investigators had been stationed quietly monitoring. Nobody had approached the light switch during this incident and it would stand to reason that if the power to the lights had somehow happened, all four of the lights should have come on not just the one.

Earlier in the evening Kym Dillon had tried to play a joke on everyone by turning the studio lights off. The joke failed but when he turned the light switch back on the studio lights took approximately five minutes to heat up and give full illumination thus illustrating how the lighting system should work.

There were other strange occurrences during the night regarding the security system. As it was public knowledge that we would be present there this night, a security guard had been placed on duty to deter the public from being a possible nuisance. This security guard had been given a secure code to unlock the gates and let us in. On first arriving, it worked perfectly and the gates opened without a problem, indicating that the code was correct. Once we had set ourselves up, it was time for the winning guests to arrive and Dominic joked with the guard that “all you need is for the code to fail now on camera and you’ll look bad on the job!” Upon these guests reaching the gate, the code failed.

The second incident, involving two witnesses as well as the security guard, was when the automatic sliding doors suddenly opened on their own. These were the doors that led to the main building of Channel 9. The Security Guard had no access to these and no control over them. Cleaning staff had left the building and the doors were in a lockout state, which is normal to stop unauthorised people entering the main building, especially at night. The only way that somebody could have entered or left the building at this stage is with a code or swipe key. As nobody was present that possessed these, it should in principal be impossible for these doors to open on their own. The Security Monitoring Centre had not picked up on the problem that the doors had unlocked and opened and would have informed the Security Guard to check them out if they had done so. The guard at this stage admitted to feeling very uncomfortable.

It was discussed whether somebody on the station premises may have been unable to resist the temptation to spook the guard by altering the code status. Due to the severity of this, and at the risk of setting off an internal alarm they would probably not have been able to admit to it. However, this would have been a serious breach of conduct which would have been dealt with severely and so would seem unlikely as the cause. Another possibility discussed was that maybe an insect or animal might have triggered the sensors to open. However, this is a sophisticated security system that would certainly have allowed for natural elements. At the time this report was written there was still no explanation.

A couple of smaller incidents were experienced by the investigators. Jeff, Patrick and Alison were hearing the floorboards flexing on the upper balcony as if somebody was walking on them. It should be remembered though that this is an old building and would probably have movement in the old floorboards, especially as they settled at night.

There was only one unusual spike on a static EMF meter and was at a time when Jeff felt a cold breeze pass by him.


Kelly Martin

9.00 pm: I went to move my car which was outside the channel 9 gate but had to wait as the gate was not opening despite the security guard typing in the code many times. The security guard commented; “ Now you watch, ‘Charlie’ he will not let us open it.” He typed the code in a few more times and it still wouldn’t open so he set the alarm off and had to get the code reset.

11.15 pm: I felt stroking on the top of my head, I rubbed it off and then felt it again.

11.42 pm: Lying down looking up at the balcony I saw one of the halogen lights go on for a few seconds then off.

12.30-1.30 pm: Looking at the monitor continuously after seeing the light go on I heard something drop in the vicinity of the monitor (it sounded like a torch or remote control). I heard it again within the next half an hour.

Time unknown: I heard a very loud noise coming from the upstairs area but I am unsure of the time.

Michelle Miers

Loud bang heard twice.

Light turned ON and OFF quickly.

I also felt a strange sensation, not sure how to explain it or whether I believe it was anything to do with spirits or whether I was about to doze off. But I felt rushes of something coming in and out of my body and ‘swirling’ around me. I wanted to turn and watch the monitor but I couldn’t I just kept getting this ‘swirling’ sensation. I felt like it lasted about a minute or so. It felt like there were more than one presence around me.

Bill Fraser

9.00 pm: Went to move my car, the security gate wouldn’t open. After the security guard rang control and several attempts the gate reopened.

12.30 am: Felt touching on the top and back of my head.
1.00 am: Something went past my face.
1.30 am: Saw light directly above me.
1.00-2.00 am: Saw a light on the wall below the stairs. It was not a camera light.
1.00-3.00 am: Lots of footsteps and banging but didn’t know how much noise came from the technical crew (PFI).
12.30-3.00 am: Sprinkles of light, blue and green.

Clairvoyant’s observations

Debra Roberts was the guest clairvoyant. When asked if she could feel the presence of any spirits in Studio 9 she replied she could feel the presence of one female and two males up in the balcony area. Debra said the woman was from the late 19th century and was aged in her 30s. The lady wore a long dress with a high collar and had her hair in a bun. Debra said that she could communicate with the lady. She said her name was Agnes and she liked to play the piano and used to go to dances at the music hall (now Studio 9). Debra said the two male figures did not communicate with her. Debra said that she did not pick up the presence of ‘Charlie’ the channel nine ‘spirit’.


Although this was an enjoyable night, it was difficult to ascertain whether material such as the sounds heard etc were paranormal in nature or caused by the guests and associated people present. However, we did get unusual happenings that seemed to be harder to explain. For instance the difficulties with such a sophisticated security system was of definite interest, as was the incident with the light at the beginning of the investigation. These were contrary to how both systems worked.

The rest of the incidents involving the investigators were more questionable as to whether there was a natural explanation or not. The noises of the footsteps and creaking of the boards up on the balcony could simply have been movement and is common in such an old building with old floorboards. It should also be remembered that Channel 9 has an above average amount of electrical equipment and therefore the unusual EMF spike could well have been an effect of this. However it was just one spike, and in a building that did not contain this equipment. There was also the cool breeze that Jeff felt at the same moment to consider, but still could be coincidence.

The photographs taken on the night only produced 'orbs'. Due to our stance on orbs, these would have to be dismissed as purely dust. This was an old building that hadn't been cleaned regularly, so dust would have been a large problem, especially as investigators and guests moved around.

The fine film of white dust and dirt can clearly be seen on the banisters and stairs

Unfortunately on this particular night, voice recorders were not used, due to the contamination of sounds by guests etc would have been too great.

At this stage a return visit would be considered beneficial and an investigation under more controlled conditions ideal. If this is possible, and if not confidential, we will keep people informed.

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