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Ghosts of St Cecilia - Paranormal Investigation 2

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After a break it was decided that we would go down into the Bishops Den as a complete team. We remember that on our last visit when Channel 7 brought us, it was told that Bishop Norton had enjoyed a drink and a game of cards occasionally down in this private area of his. We wondered what would happen if we took a drink with us and a pack of cards and recreated an atmosphere down there similar to what he maybe experienced in life and enjoyed. It should be noted that PFI do not drink on investigations, but we did share out a small bottle of Coopers between the players in this instance.

Megan & Alison took the table whilst the rest of the team sat and monitored with cameras and sound equipment. EMF meters were also placed around the room. It was decided that we would put coins as trigger objects on the table which, was lined with A4 sheets of typing paper. We drew around these coins so that if there was any movement we would be able to gauge this.

And so we began the card game. We chose poker, as it seemed a generalised type of card game. We dealt three hands, one to Megan, Alison and also one to Bishop Norton. We poured him a beer and chatted to him as if he was there with us. At this stage Alison seemed to be winning but after the third round, footsteps were suddenly heard on the ceiling from the room above us and then they were heard coming down the stairs. We quickly checked but nobody was there. Alison commented jokingly that maybe we had Bishop Norton's attention at last. Soon the Bishop Norton's hand was winning the game.

We then took a break and just sat monitoring. We did ask if he could possibly do something for us, but nothing obvious happened when we asked this. It was a short time later that Anna became suspicious that the coins had seemingly moved their position. Where we had centred them up in the drawn circles, they now seemed to be off centre. Nobody had seen them move, but we all agreed it could have been a possibility that we may have knocked the table unintentionally. So we centred up the coins once again and kept a distance from the table, but continued to video tape the coins in case they moved again. It was also noticed at this stage, that the room had become noticeably colder and several team members now felt suddenly freezing despite the readings showing warmer here then other rooms.

As the team was discussing the temperature change Anna and Megan suddenly noticed the same small dark shadow previously seen in the music room pass by Megan at knee height. Megan had complained that her knee was feeling incredibly cold compared to the rest of her body.

The team's attention returned to the coins, only to notice that the coins had again seemed to move. This time the team knew that they had not been close to the table, so attention was now fully focused on the table. The coins did indeed seem to be moving, but so slowly it couldn't be seen with the naked eye. They would seemingly go off centre, only to change direction and then seemingly be off centre in the opposite direction. As we did not have the videos mounted the question was raised if it could be a trick of light. But as Patrick pointed out he would periodically look with his own torch at the same angle and they definitely seemed to be changing direction. As we were discussing this, one of the coins jumped. On closer viewing of the video, it wasn't the coin that moved but the actual paper itself that it was placed on.

Coins have moved off centre in 2nd photograph

The team observed the coins a while longer then placed them back centre before going for a coffee break as it was now getting on for 4.00 a.m. The coins had started moving at approximately 3.15 a.m. The team decided it would be a good experiment to leave them set centre and have nobody in the room. Later they could return and see if the coins had moved again. Approximately one hour later, Anna, Megan and Alison returned to find that indeed the coins had moved off centre once again. They centred them up and tested to see if heavy walking would cause them to move. The coins stayed centre for the rest of the time.

The investigation came to a close at 5.15 a.m.


The most interesting event of the night, was the Den experiment. The coins in slow motion were certainly of interest to us. We had not expected any results for the trigger objects but were focusing mainly on EVP experimentation. These coins certainly seemed to be moving, but again the question has to be asked, that since the cameras were not fixed, could the changing shadows be deceiving? We were all pretty certain at the time this was not the case. As for the coin jumping, the other question was… did one of us knock the paper? As shown in the photograph, this A4 sheet of paper was NOT overlapping the table. It also had a cup of beer and a fairly heavy voice recorder sitting on its surface. To go in the direction the coin did, the paper would have to have been pushed. This again would be very difficult with the weight upon it. However, we feel that a lot more experimentation would be needed before we would suggest that this was paranormal in nature. It was though extremely unusual and at this stage unexplainable.

Layout of table at the time the coin moved. Arrow shows which way coin moved


Although a lot of what happened in the house could technically have natural explanations, some other events were hard to explain. The two teams witnessing the same type and size of shadow moving around, the coins moving and most of all the EVP recordings were such events that as yet we have no explanation for.

The coin experiment would need to be redone, this time with fixed cameras and static lighting to dismiss any shadow movement.

We certainly found the house to be of enormous interest and certainly experienced a lot of unusual events in the hours that we were there.

We do give sincere thanks to Annette for allowing us into her magnificent home many times over the years.

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