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Ghosts of St Cecilia, Peterborough

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Saint Cecilia first came to our attention when Channel 7 phoned us to see if we would be interested in coming with them to investigate this property. The owner had appeared in the local news as the property was up for sale but the new buyers had to stay the night first to get approval from the ghost of Bishop Joannes Norton.

As expected it is very hard to do any type of investigation with a news team present so we came back several times in years to come to monitor this beautiful old mansion in more depth.

As in other investigation write ups, we will condense several investigations here and only highlight certain incidents. This obviously does not give you exactly how much work was done or the details but does allow it to be more readable for visitors just wanting a quick over view.


One of the nights that did stand out as one of our most unusual nights was an investigation we did at Saint Cecilia in June 2008. We will largely dwell on some of the things that happened this night as it probably was our most active night on this premises.

The investigators on this night were Megan, Anna, Amy, Patrick and Alison.

The weather conditions were dry with the temperature dropping to a minimum of 10 degrees C.

The moon phase was 3/4 to 1/2

Upon arrival the members of PFI set up base in the front room and proceeded to do a walk around to get a feel for what areas were going to be of interest. Monitoring equipment was set up at the top of the rear staircase, consisting of infrared security camera as well as sensors for changes in EMF/temperature/theremin/sound and movement. If any one of these were triggered then it would be automatically recorded for a four-minute duration.

The team split into two with team 1 taking the Music Room and Team 2 taking The Banquet Hall. It was team 1 that seemed to be getting some unusual experiences. Anna started to have a problem with her two ways. Although the batteries were new they were now flat.

Flashes of light were also seen by Alison at around the door handle height of the door. At first she thought maybe it was light reflecting from outside but Patrick went out to see if it was recreatable only to find we could not reproduce them. Swapping positions, Patrick also witnessed a couple of these flashes. About the same time we were experiencing these flashes of light, there was a scratching and a knock on the door. Alison assumed the cat had been let back in the house and went to check the hallway to find nothing there. On opening the front door and searching around the cat was found to be still outside. Later Megan told a story on when she was last at St Cecilia's staying with her family. Apparently her bedroom was the Music Room that night and in the early hours of the morning she had heard what sounded like footsteps approaching the door followed by scratching.

Soon this was followed by cold spots. Despite the temperature averaging around 10 degrees C, these were painfully cold when they occurred. At the same time both the batteries drained on the EMF meter and the Thermometer. Again these had been new batteries and different to the ones that were in the two-ways. Alison whilst sitting on the bed felt one of the cold spots on her cheek and described it as if somebody had stroked her face with an icy hand. Patrick took temperature readings of both of Alison's cheeks and indeed the side that had been 'touched' read colder at 28 degrees C, whereas the other read at normal body temperature.

Not long after Patrick reported seeing a strange black shadow cross the wall towards Alison. He described it as being the size of a large bird and was fairly high up. Fractionally before Patrick stated what he had seen, Alison had been starting to have a feeling of unease.

After an hour or two it was decided to change team locations. Team 2 took the Music Room and Team 1 took the Banquet Hall. This was done without informing the other team of anything that had taken place as we wanted to compare notes at the end of the night. Team 2 described all the phenomena that Team 1 had experienced, including having their face stroked and seeing a black shadow the size of a very large bird. These ideas had not been put into their minds by the first team so was interesting.

As the night went on we then decided to go down to the Bishop's Den. This was a room that the Bishop built below the house as his special room where he would entertain. He apparently enjoyed the occasional card game and a drink. For this reason we decided to set up a specific experiment.

Pt 2 - The Experiment

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