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By Bill Sheridan

Photograph courtesy Bill Sheridan

It was around 6.30pm on a Monday night somewhere around the end of May 2003?? I was heading out into the street to bring my car down the drive now that my wife was home from work. Upon getting out of my car and walking around the back of the house to go back inside, I was suddenly stopped dead in my tracks as I looked up into the night sky about 40 degrees off the eastern horizon, just above the trees in my garden I noticed what at first I thought may be a large aircraft. Something made me stop and take more notice as the lights I saw moved vertically upwards above my tree line and were not just one whitish light, as would probably have been seen if it was a commercial aircraft. I stood there for around 5 or more minutes and watched as many coloured lights moved upwards and then downwards out of view behind my trees and did this for around a total of ten minutes. I was in awe of what I was supposedly witnessing and wanted to get a better view......I know, I'll run out into the cul-de-sac and I should be able to see it much better from there. I ran out around the house and into the cul-de-sac but by the time I had got there, what I had witnessed no longer existed.

With that, I casually walked back into the house, found my wife and told her what I believe I had just seen, after which, being a member of a well known Adelaide based Paranormal Investigation Team at the time, "Paranormal Field Investigators" I immediately rang one of the Team Leaders, Jeff. I went through the whole story of what I may have just witnessed.........a possible UFO.......after which, Jeff asked if I had taken any photos?? I said I had not as I was in awe of what was happening and did not want to miss out on anything by having to go and grab my camera and because it was totally dark by then, I most probably would not have captured anything anyway !! Jeff then told me to go and take a few photos anyway, because UFOs are claimed to emit an electrical energy which may or may not give off an anomalous reading on the camera.

I then hung up the phone and went into my studio and grabbed my digital camera, I walked over near the rear entrance to my house were I can take a photo without getting too many palm trees in shot and proceeded to take some photos......................WELL!!!!! I only took one photo and that nearly blew me off my feet, because I held the camera out in front of me and when the flash went off, I was almost taken aback, as I saw with my own eyes, a massive glowing object about 10 metres away and hovering almost directly in front of me! With that, I went inside and immediately told my wife what I had just witnessed again and reviewed the shot on the camera...............WOW!!!!! "Get outta here!!!"

Again, I immediately got on the phone to Jeff to tell him what I had captured after only taking the ONE shot!!

I then proceeded into my studio to put the shot on the computer so I could print it out, mainly because our team was having a stall at a Mind, Body and Soul Expo the following weekend and thought that this may be a great photo to include on our boards.

The photo was then sent to a team in America called "Orb Study" who had previously been studying "Orb" phenomena for around 3 years prior..............The photo was sent back to me within 24 hours with an "Orb Study" certification stamp attached to it and they said that this shot is without doubt something that they could not explain as being of natural elements................they also pointed out to me a slight "Mist" over to the left and in amongst the palm fronds and also a few "possible" orb like anomalies further in the background............................these could only be picked up when the photo was lightened a little and was not immediately evident in the original shot.

Close up of 'Orb' - Photo courtesy of Bill Sheridan

They also pointed out the Pinkish spot inside the main orb and the fact that this orb has its own energy source over and above anything the flash off my camera could attribute.

They said that if this was of natural causes, then the whole anomaly would have been evenly lit, but it is not, upon closer scrutiny, it can be seen that the orb has a light source coming from the right of the orb and it is very distinctly casting a shadow on the left of the orb!!

I can certainly say with many years experience in the field of the paranormal, that although most of the orb shots you see, are probably 98% of natural occurrences and not of the paranormal, and this I now hold true in the vast majority of so called "Orb" shots I have taken over many years.............this shot you see before you, as I stated previously, almost blew me away physically, as I actually saw with my own eyes, the phenomenon light up in front of me and from my reckoning, I would say that it was easily 3 feet in circumference and it was an event I will never ever forget....................................BUT!!!! That is my opinion and an opinion I have made over the years after very carefully trying every possible explanation I could come up with to eliminate this shot as being of natural causes and because it was seen visually at such a large size, I could come up with no rational explanation for its being !!

Again, as I said, this is my opinion, it is up to you to discredit this photo in any way you can as being caused by natural occurences, remembering that there is also a slight mist and also other "possible" orb like anomolies in the shot. Your opinions are most welcomed and will be taken into consideration.

Many thanks for taking the time in reading my story, I am sure that if you wish to make comments to me personally, then the webmaster of this site will get in touch with me directly for further consideration.

Take care and journey well my friends.


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