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Memie Watson and Stacy

Greetings from Boston, Ma.

I wanted to share a photo of me taken back in May of 2002. It is a warm day between 75-80 degrees outside and I am in Washington D.C. This photo was taken back then on film camera, not digital. So far everyone seems to have the same opinion. I sent it in to a few paranormal investigators and I am waiting on a reply. So far 7 psychics saw the same thing. No one is smoking in the area. The debate is between one or two entities surrounding me...I am the one with the short brown curly hair.

The following is what one of the psychics told me:

Hi Memie,

I think it might be you.... the distinct marks from the third eye outward is reminiscent of horns, and in many traditions, there is this idea as we advance spiritually, there is a set of "horns" that develop, the supposed "mark" of initiation, or at least one of them. There is various art with both Merlin, Jesus, Moses and Hermes with these kind of ribbon like horns. Though there is a possible human shape around you, that is my first impression, or perhaps you are being overshadowed by some protective entity in your work and it is there to receive its recognition as well.

Love and blessings,

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