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In 2002 P.F.I. were allowed access into the Adelaide Gaol to find out if the hauntings that were talked about were in fact true. Intending only to do 3-6 months of investigation work, it was decided at the end of this time that we would extend this as we had many curious and intriguing incidents. Over 8 years we collected a lot of data and had many experiences there. However, to catalogue it all here would be difficult as there were many reports, so we will just highlight some those on this page.

It should also be noted that over the 8 years we collected many photos and videos that, for a while, we thought showed paranormal activity. Over recent years, with better understanding and better software for analysis, we have dismissed much of these. Our gallery is small, but we would rather that then put out photos that are in reality only natural occurances. Some of this can be found in the article Alison wrote on pareidolia.

What we are about to discuss here did happen and was very real to the experiencers at the time. Was it all paranormal? Well how does one truly prove this. We will present it and then leave it up to you the reader to judge for yourself.



After spending a couple of years investigating the gaol we were approached to see if we would like to help to conduct their ghost tours as volunteers, which we were more then happy to do.

It was on one of these nights that a thunderstorm passed over Adelaide and flooded the roads. Naturally people were reluctant to drive that night and Alison and Jeff were left waiting for a tour that never arrived. Instead of going home it was decided to call in the team and we would do some research work instead. It was as Alison, Jeff and Megan were standing in the Laneway, that Megan asked "who is that man?" Apparently what Megan had witnessed was a person who was very solid and described as wearing dark clothing with a beanie hat. She had watched him, hands in pockets shuffling down the wall and then turn into the long tunnel that leads through to the New Building. It should be noted that at the time our first thought was not Ghost, but instead that we had an intruder in the Gaol. We have spent 147 years trying to keep people in the Gaol, the rest of the time has been spent trying to keep them out.

Knowing that he was now trapped however, as we had not yet unlocked the far end gate of the tunnel, we sprinted over to the entrance fully expecting to confront a person in the tunnel. We were more then a little surprised to find the tunnel empty. Was it just Megan's imagination at work? A trick of light?

Well at this stage it could well have been put down to this, however, as we entered the tunnel for a closer look it was noticed that halfway up there was a single wet footprint on the cement. It should be noted how long this tunnel is when visiting the Gaol, as there were no wet footprints leading upto this and leading away. This footprint was dead centre of the tunnel. It was even so fresh that there were drip marks after the toe as if freshly lifted out of a puddle. We did photograph it. Now, for some a photo of a wet footprint would sound boring as it isn't as exciting as a 'ghost'. However, to us as researchers it is probably one of more important photos. This was physical evidence that was hard to explain away. There were more footprints found that night, but I will add these in a seperate story.

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